Comparison: Idx Websites Vs Real Estate WordPress Websites

IDX Websites vs Real Estate WordPress Websites have become a standard platform for creating Realtor Websites With Idx for general purposes. There are many templates and plugins to choose from and the standardization allows multiple web designers to work on any site.

Real Estate WordPress Websites

For the general public, they work fine, but for Realtors, they are missing the boat. They lack many features that real estate agents need in their WordPress IDX website. There are many tools that a Realtor’s website Real estate websites using WordPress needs in order to be effective, and the WordPress system lacks many of these features.

For example, the Custom Realtor Website should be linked to the MLS or the IDX. The website should import all the listings from the MLS into the Realtor’s website. The IDX shows the listings with all the photos and descriptions, but it leaves off the listing agent’s name and number so the viewer must call you for more information.

The best IDX websites for Realtors have an integrated property search that works seamlessly with the website. This yields a better viewer experience. The IDX websites for Realtors property searches should be easy to use and seamless. Custom real estate websites should have other features as well. They should have a built-in Customer Relationship Management program, CRM.

The CRM should be integrated with the IDX property search. For example, if a client is logged in the CRM should note which properties the client viewed. One of the many challenges is that CRMs are complicated to use, so DPI Showcase Web Sites automates many of the CRM functions making it easier for the real estate agent.

For example, if a client views a property and then clicks on Request More Information, then a series of automated tasks occur. First, the client is entered into the CRM. The Realtor immediately gets an email and a text message alerting them that they have a lead.

The CRM then automatically sends them a daily email with new listings that match the criteria for the property they had inquired about. Lastly, the CRM sends them a weekly email eNewsletter with real estate articles that are on the Realtor’s website.

Yes, there are IDX solutions for WordPress websites. DPI Showcase has an IDX plugin for WordPress. This works fine if you must stay with your WordPress design. It allows clients to search for real estate listings on your WordPress website. While this will work fine, it is not connected to a CRM or has any of the features a fully integrated IDX website for real estate agents has.

Another feature that makes the DPI Showcase website the best IDX WordPress real estate website for real estate agents is our blogging feature. We automatically blog for Realtors. The daily blog article is placed on the blog page on the Realtor’s website. Then the blog article is automatically posted on the Realtor’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

On Facebook and LinkedIn these posts automatically link back to that article on the Realtor’s website. And, once again, the built-in CRM automatically sends all the clients a weekly email with the previous week’s blog articles in it. The DPI Showcase IDX website for real estate has many other features too. If you still didn’t get clearly idea of What Is Idx In Real Estate? Why It’s An Essential Tool check it out.

For example, we have a database of over 1,000 new and existing developments with floor plans. Many of these developments are linked to the MLS/IDX so as resales occur the Realtor’s client can see what is for sale or for rent. It even shows previous closed sales.

The challenge for realtors is they do not want to send their clients to the website of the developers. The name and phone number of the sales office are listed on those websites. There is a chance that the client will bypass the WordPress real estate websites and go directly to the sales office.

That is why all the information on the DPI Showcase websites is unbranded. The Realtor will feel confident sending their client to their personalized IDX website. As you can see, IDX websites for real estate agents are very complex. They have tons of integrated features and tools that Realtors need in order to survive in today’s online and competitive world.

Feel free to visit, to view our features or to see sample WordPress websites for real estate. For the past 18 years, DPI Showcase has been assisting Realtors to become successful. Let us help you as well.

Real Estate Idx Websites – Who Are We

DPI Showcase has been involved with Real estate websites using WordPress websites since a lot of people went online. We participated in the placement of real estate ads on the Internet even before the IDX was established. We have even written about the history of real estate and market shifting. We want to share some basics about real estate websites, issues, and bug fixes.