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Have New & Existing Developments, Floor Plans, Auto-Blogging,
Auto-Social Media Posting & The MLS On Your Web Site.

Real Estate IDX Website Design


We call the DPI platform a “hybrid” system. We have the ability to customize your web site to reflect your look and feel.


This plug-in is designed for people who already have their web site but want to add the IDX to it.


Built-In CRM.AI

Now there is no need to purchase a separate client management system.  DPI’s CRMauto is included with your IDX website.  It is very powerful and easy to use.  

On this channel you can view various videos on different marketing tips you can use as a Realtor in order to get leads and expand your exposure.


Real Estate IDX
Website Design

DPI Realtor Websites with IDX are tied into the MLS allowing your clients to search for homes, condos, rentals and commercial properties in your area. These listings show up with the photos and the descriptions, but it leaves off the listing agent’s information so people have to call you for more information. It’s like having your own personal MLS.

Our database of new and existing developments have unbranded information, photos and floor plans. These pages are also linked to the MLS (IDX) so as sales or rentals are listed they will show up on your web site.

When you have the Realtor Websites with IDX , buyers can search for properties based on their specific criteria and get real-time results without ever leaving your website. This allows you to compete with the larger real estate companies by offering the information clients want. Also, as a smaller company, you can focus on detailed localized information that is specific to your market area, resulting in a more personalized experience that larger companies cannot offer. Providing this type of great customer experience allows you to build a brand and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your market, making your Realtor IDX websites accessible to both buyers and sellers.

Easily Display Commission Breakdowns
For Your Listings On Your Website

The DPI system will allow you to manually post your own listings, with commission details, on your web site. This is easy to do and will comply with new MLS rulings. As always, your listings will also be automatically imported from the MLS/IDX, (but without any commission details.)

A Complete Personal Web Site

Why Choose DPI Real Estate
Idx Website Design

Not only do we have the experience and expertise to develop an integrated real estate IDX website, but we also take the time to fully understand your business, where you are and where you want to be. We then create a personalized website to help you achieve your goals. We never rely on popular WordPress templates for our clients. Every Realtor IDX Website we build is as unique as the agent or brokerage that we build it for.

When designing Realtor IDX Website, we consider your business goals, your brand and your customers. We do more than just build websites that look good, we look at the user experience, search engine optimization, usability and technical details required to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. We work with a team of trusted professionals who are carefully selected to provide additional services.

Have Your Own Domain Name

MLS Integration

Pre-Construction Projects with Floor Plans

Existing Projects with Floor Plans

Create Client Saved Searches

Automatically Post Listings on Facebook and LinkedIn

Automatically Post Blogs

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Client Management System (CRM), our own proprietary CRM.AI

Internet Data Exchange

What Is The IDX?

When a listing agent enters a property into the MLS there is a field called “IDX” or Internet. By checking “YES” this gives all other Realtors permission to place the listing on their web site.

These listings show up with the address, photos and description, but it leaves off the listing agent’s name and number so clients need to call you for more information. The IDX has thousands of listings in it that will all show up on your web site making you look larger than life.

Customer Relationship Management


No Need To Pay For A Secondary CRM Service

The backend of every web site has an integrated client management system, CRM. Now, instead of paying for a costly CRM program, you can control all your client data from your web site. Knowing that you are a busy professional, many of the functions in the CRM are automated so you can concentrate on selling.


Responsive Web Design

Automatically Post Listings to Facebook and LinkedIn

DPI web sites are pre-programmed to automatically post one listing, from the IDX, to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages every day. The post will show up with a photo and description of the property.
All posts are linked to your website, so when a viewer clicks on the post it will take them to that listing in your website. You can let your friends view this or boost it for more traction.
This is a great way to create traffic to your site and generate leads.

Automatic Blogging & Posting

Blogging is very important if you want to get good placement on the various search engines. The challenge is most people don’t have the time to blog. That’s where DPI steps in. We are constantly adding new blog articles and automatically posting them on your web site. These posts are full of real estate related keywords and content that will get the attention of the search engines.

Social media posting. Link your site to Facebook and LinkedIn and we will automatically post these blog articles on your social media sites. Each post will link back to your web site; a great way to generate traffic and leads.

Personal Service

As a Realtor your job is to sell real estate, not to manage your web site. That is where DPI fits in. All DPI clients are assigned a personal web designer. Any time you need to add/delete anything from your site we will do it for you at no additional charge.
We also provide personal training on how to use your site or how to create a marketing plan for getting new leads. Best yet, this is all included in your monthly hosting. No charge for edits. No charge for training. No charge for coaching. That is part of our commitment to making you a better Realtor.

Pre-Designed Landing Pages

Landing pages are very import marketing tools used to get people to register on your web site. DPI has created a series of pre-designed landing pages with some very interesting topics.

In addition, each landing page has its own unique social media image enticing people to click and register. As with all of our other features, there are no additional fees for these pages.


DPI will automatically email a weekly eNewsletter to all of your clients. Each newsletter will have the headlines of the previous week’s blog articles.

Buy SMTP server for more engagement, when a client clicks on an article it will take them to that page on your web site. Just another way to get more traffic to your web site for more leads.

As with all DPI features, there is no additional charge for this feature.

SSL Certified​

All DPI web sites come complete with an SSL Certification. This saves you hundreds of dollars by not having to buy your own SSL Certificate.


We call the DPI platform a “hybrid” system. While certain pages (searches, development pages, etc.) can not be customized, we have the ability to customize your web site to reflect your look and feel. We can add logos, change colors or add content.

In addition, our monthly hosting not only includes the IDX, but it also includes changes to your web site. We assign a web designer to your account who is available to make edits to your site. Changes to a web site are commonplace. You shouldn’t have to worry about making these or there being an additional charge.

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New Development Web Site

Many Realtors are now focusing on specific condo buildings or developments to farm.  DPI now allows you to create a web site specifically for any of these developments.  Our database has hundreds of new and old buildings or developments to choose from.

Only $29.95 per month. No set-up fees.  No yearly contract.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Social Media Tune-Up

Social media has become an integral part of any successful Realtor’s marketing plan. Potential clients will Google you or look you up on social media. You need to look first-rate.

All DPI subscribers will receive a social media tune-up.


There are 2 costs for creating a web site! The design & the monthly hosting

Due to inflation and the downturn in the real estate market, DPI will not be charging any design or set up fees for the month of July. Our way of being sensitive to the real estate community.

Website & CRM Combo



Realtors & Broker Associates

Website & CRM Combo



Broker Owners

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