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WordPress IDX Plug-In

This plug-in is designed for people who already have their web site but want to add the IDX to it.  We will provide you with a domain name for the search page.  You will then have your web designer create an I-Frame page in your web site.

Monthly price $39.95




WordPress Idx Plugin Advantages

Are you a real estate agent?  are you struggling to find new prospects in today’s busy real estate world? Want more than just access to a multi-list service (MLS) and instead have a modern home locator your customers actually use?

Then you should start using the WordPress Idx Plugin.

Internet Data Sharing or IDX is a set of guidelines, software and standards. Real estate professionals use the IDX to display their MLS data on their websites. The public in turn can see their respective advertisements.

Statistics show that 50% of home buyers in the United States find the home they eventually find online. With 97% of homebuyers shopping online and 1 in 2 finding homes to buy online, you need to make your ads visible and give your customers the tools they need to use your website, not big real estate listing sites that will sell their contact information. to competing agents.

So how does the IDX help your real estate business? Read on below as we discuss the many benefits of the IDX website.

What an IDX WordPress Website Can do for Your Business

Modern MLS and IDX data work together. If you have a WordPress IDX website, you can display parts of the MLS database to better serve and rank your website from Google. In addition, the best idx plugin for wordpress allows agents to share their advertisements and post them on their respective websites.

Now let’s dive deeper into the benefits that the IDX plugin can offer.

Attract new potential customers

This idx broker plugin for agents and broker to acquire leads more efficiently. With the idx real estate wordpress plugin professionals get a better view of what website visitors are looking for.

Social Media Integration

The real estate industry also cannot be separated from the power and influence of social media. idx solutions for wordpress allows you to integrate your website content with social media platforms by creating spectacular listing detail pages on your own website.

The IDX can help transform your content and make it more attractive to Facebook users. In addition, IDX has features such as social sharing buttons and the ability to search privately with other family members or friends. This allows visitors to share your content on their various social media accounts.

Functional design

Even though half of homebuyers buy homes online, they still use different tools to search. By integrating with IDX, you can enhance your website to make it more responsive.

This means your visitors can do different things with your ads. This includes zooming in and out of photos. They can also move content to any other device they like.

You can also capture screenshots for reference. Even if they use a smartphone, tablet or laptop, they will have no trouble navigating your website if they use a modern IDX instead of an old one that uses subdomains or iframes.

Useful for search engines

Another great benefit of modern integration with the IDX is that it makes your website search engine friendly. IDX makes your property listing page indexed. This means that the leading search engines “see” your ad as it appears on your site.

Since Google and Bing see your ad or hyperlocal community page, you can expect your site to perform better in the search engine battle. Moreover, it generates feedback, which is very important to attract more organic traffic.

draw attention
Last but not least, it helps to grab the attention of future homebuyers. The WordPress Idx Plugin offers interactive map searches that make visitor searches even more interesting.

It also lets you create more interesting galleries. With many agents and brokers displaying photos of homes, the modern IDX distinguishes you as the “engine” behind your website and the center of your personal brand through the way you display ads.

Tips for Choosing IDX Plugins

It’s not enough just to know the benefits of a WordPress IDX site, you also need to know how to find a good IDX. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

Not all IDX properties are created equal. Some outperform others in some (or many) aspects. But the first thing to pay attention to is the reliability of the IDX.

You want to find an IDX that pulls information without risking a crash. This is very important considering the large number of ads you can have on your website. Often the free MLS provided by some MLS works more like embedding a video from Youtube and is slow in having to query their server for every search, using slower technology than modern IDX.

In addition, the IDX must produce information that does not miss significant MLS data.

Stick to organic

You also need to find an organic IDX system. There are three types of IDX options: Organic, Subdomain, and Framing. IDX offering framing or subdomains can lower your initial costs or be the only option when using website developers who build their business on these outdated IDX tools.

However, this will ultimately hurt your real estate business. This is because search engines cannot read or index the ads on your site. This, in turn, limits the visibility of your website in various search engines.

On the other hand, an organic IDX system ensures that all ads stay on your website’s servers. This means that search engines can easily index it. Organic traffic also makes your website more valuable in the eyes of Google.

It also helps generate a unique URL for your page. This will help you increase your page rank.

IDX experience today!

Now that you have a better understanding of how the idx integration wordpress website works, all you have to do is find the IDX system that best fits your needs.

Check out our WordPress Idx Plugin that can help turn your WordPress site into a powerful real estate resource. Our products can help you significantly increase traffic to your website.

Send us a message and tell us what you need. Tell us your MLS needs and start enjoying the benefits of the IDX today!