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Dpishowcase combines your custom real estate websites design with your specific target audience in the United States and Canada. Then, gain a competitive advantage with the coveted search engine rankings of Google and Bing with highly effective SEO. Cultivate the future of your company and your agents’ business through a variety of specialized automated tools.

In a world with millions of website and website developers, it seems that standing above the others is practically impossible. Fortunately, almost everyone is easy to overcome with a well-made idx website for realtors.

For one, most developers don’t possess the technical skills to create a high-performance  custom web design . Secondly, they have no training in design, which provides them with knowledge of visual hierarchy, contrast, color balance and other very important design concepts. In other words, your website won’t generate customers.


Mobile-responsive IDX websites

The next mention of performance is mobile responsiveness. Responsive web design is all about looking good on all devices. As such, responsive IDX wordpress real estate website layouts automatically adjust for different screen sizes and view ports. These include PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. On top of that, there’s this: each type of device comes in various sizes. It takes real technical skill to get it right on all devices.

IDX website Functionality

Then comes the functionality of your website. It’s essentially what your website does and how it works. Plus, it encompasses everything from user interactions to dynamic content.

Providing the right functionality is critical to the success of your cheap idx websites for realtors. As such, it is an essential part of the planning phase. It’s good to know that a qualified IDX website developer will anticipate what’s needed in advance.

Visual Effects

Finally, there are important visual effects to consider. Nowadays, people get bored very easily. And that’s amplified online because of the visual nature of the web. That means it keeps online visitors visually intrigued. Doing this well requires skill and talent.

A brokerage website that converts

AREA GUIDES: Reveal Your Beautiful Places
TWO THINGS – Each of your areas needs a web page with well-written images and content. Then, each area page needs the most important part: YOUR LISTINGS.

HIGHLIGHTS – Your important areas will appear on your homepage with an attractive excerpt and a beautiful image that links to each area’s page.
Their area guides cover each area in and around your MLS region. From the city center to parks, beaches, and other points of interest, area pages attract traffic. They contain 900 to 2400 words of well-written content along with beautiful images and videos. These are considered “imperishable content” as they will remain relevant in the long run.

As for SEO, area guides work great when done right. They should use strong keywords that belong to each location. In addition, they should use all other SEO standards for articles and blog posts.

Listings that are in or near that area are also included on the page. The layout and layout of your area’s pages will match the overall web design for real estate agents. Therefore, the appearance will reflect your brand.

Display IDX Website Featured Lists
Highlight your best ads in the featured ads section. It is usually located near the top of the main page. Two to four listings is standard, but more is fine. It just doesn’t overwhelm your online visitors with a Featured Listings section that feels like a standard search results design with plenty of listings to scroll through.

This is where IDX technology really shines. It keeps all your listings up to date. So if a detail changes, such as a price increase, it will automatically appear there.

Your featured listings need to be changed manually, as the listings you present in this section are up to you. That means, if a featured listing is sold, it should be replaced by another listing of your choice. This is easily done using MLS. It automatically fills in all the information for you.

FEATURED COMMUNITIES: Your Select Neighborhoods
Just like in the Featured Listings section, show your best communities. These are basically area guides for neighborhoods, but generally simpler and smaller.

Each community should have a web page with well-written content about the location along with images that present the neighborhood well. If it’s a waterfront community, this page may look more like an area guide. You will describe the beach, water, and beach activities such as windsurfing, whale watching, and sea turtles where appropriate.

Each featured community web page includes a well-worded description of 300 to 900 words, a featured image, and other photos that make sense. These pages are also considered “imperishable content”, they are never outdated. Just update them from time to time, keep them updated. Usually located at the bottom of the page, listings within that community are displayed in the order you choose: by price, by listing date, or any other parameter.