PART THREE: MAKING MONEY AS A REALTOR [IN 2022] | Leveraging your Sphere of Influence

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How To Start Making Money As A Realtor – Part 3 Greetings, this is Mark Weithorn here, your real estate trainer, with your 2-minute tech tip. This video is step three on how to start making money as a Realtor. Today we are going to talk about working your sphere of influence. Now take out your phone. Open the contacts. Scroll to the bottom and look at how many contacts you have. It can be hundreds of people. This is low hanging fruit. The National Association of Realtors states that 15% of the people you know will move in the next year. How many of these friends know that you are a realtor. How many have your web site address. How many are friends on Facebook and have liked your Facebook business page? At first many of your friends will not take you seriously. Over 85% of realtors are part timers. Many leave the business after only a few months. In order to show that you are taking this new career seriously you must act like a professional. First you need a proper web site that is linked to the MLS. People will Google you and if what comes up looks like scrambled eggs, they will not hire you. Next you need to have a Facebook business page and an Instagram business account. Lastly, you need to post on social media on a regular basis. Check out my video on how to post on social media for more tips and tricks. Well, that’s it for step 3. Please stay tuned for step 4 on how to start your real estate business. My name is Mark Weithorn with Showcase Web Sites. We have been creating web sites for Realtors for close to 20 years now. You can visit us at And please remember to subscribe and like my YouTube channel to get updated videos. Thanks for listening to my 2-minute tech tip and have a great day.

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