Top 6 WordPress IDX Plugins For Your Website

An extensive checklist of the best wordpress idx plugin for real estate websites . Real estate agents strugglewhen it comes to locating the ideal buyer and listing their belongings. That is why most real estate companies turn to digital marketing as a solution.

Best WordPress Idx Plugin For Your Website

The ability to search for attributes is through an IDX or Online Information Exchange. It is a common marketplace that allows brokers, agents, groups, and experts to display their listings from an MLS. An MLS or Multiple Listing Services (MLS) is a service that makes it possible for brokers to post their listings.

They also use these companies to get an appraisal of their attributes. So, in essence, a real estate website needs this feature to have a built-in search engine .for the qualities that exist in your locality. Below are the ideal free WordPress IDX plugins that you can use for your WordPress site.

Dpi Property Management + Idx Broker Plugin


If you are a smart broker, you should be able to consider digital internet marketing as a solution to get the leads you need. You have to optimize each of the available web resolutions to have a profitable way to obtain and sell your belongings.

Set up your website with real estate WordPress theme with Dpi idx plugin. The plugin features an easy-to-use home listing with MLS businesses in the North US. If you have residential listings available in this area, this plugin will work miracles for your real estate website.

It works with the WPL system, another wordpress idx plugin and a details structure that allows you to add, delete and even edit the information fields of your properties. You can also use this attribute to shape and provide granular details about your residence listings based on your specifications. It has almost everything you need to build a qualified and credible real estate website with fully flexible MLS databases.

Estatik real estate plugin


People love using this IDX plugin for their original WordPress website! The simple and classy structure goes well with both mobile and desktop platforms. The Estatik Authentic Estate plugin helps you create a real estate Single Property Sites without avoidable facts.

Your goal is to persuade buyers to check out all of your attributes with a clear and insignificant setup that they can simply manifest. It is a highly recommended plugin for brokers who want to create a user-friendly site with a consumer-friendly interface.

The plugin will come with a free concept pack and a quick and fairly easy setup. Search entries continue to track the previous success of your users to help you save your searches if they want to critique the house of fascination one more time.

It also has a wish log aspect, where people can help you save your top picks. Another factor that attracts users to install this plugin on their website is the reliable internet support that will come with it. The plugin is also fully customizable, so feel free to shape its appearance to your liking.

MLS Import





When you’re in the process of Best Single Property Websites for your business or your client’s, help yourself with the magical MLS import.

This WordPress IDX plugin will come with many features and capabilities that will help you get started right away. Out of the box, you get two selections to choose from, TurnKey Website with MLS Concept and MLS Import Plugin.

In a nutshell, this is all you really need to have when you move into the market with an amazing new website to showcase must-see listings on your website. Feel free to try all the initially offered demos and continue from there.

Some additional attributes of MLS Import include out-of-the-box integration, coverage of over 650 MLS markets in the US and Canada, Reso API engineering, and full management of your listings for easy administration and service.

If you ever need additional assistance on your own, the MLS Import support staff is always there for you. In short, take your real estate business to a new level with MLS Import Now.

Rover IDX


If you want to create a smooth and flexible real estate WordPress theme website, you should use a fast and basic IDX plugin for fast load time.

The Rover IDX plugin focuses on revolutionary means to ensure your website gets the improvement it needs. It is a fast and customizable IDX plugin that provides a fast and reliable search engine for authentic real estate listings.

With the new updates, the idx solutions for wordpress has introduced a new set of features and layouts that you can use to augment your WordPress website. The plugin is absolutely customizable with a huge extent of customization solutions so you can create a beautiful and distinctive website.

Most MLS listings will be specifically integrated into your website. It is supported by plugin developers’ hugely scalable servers that have fast processing speed so your real estate searches are up and running in no time.



There is significant variation among serious real estate websites running WordPress with regards to their user interface. It implies the general encounter that your web page readers will have when using your real estate web page.

The Wovax IDX plugin gives your website a clean, modern and aesthetically pleasing home look for your users. If you are a serious real estate broker who needs to get a lot of awareness, this will be the fantastic plugin to make your presence on the net.

The plugin features all the necessary plugins to continue keeping your website versatile and responsive. Present serious real estate listings for your preferred location right on your idx integration wordpress website. Make your users’ research experience dramatically faster with MLS feeds and listing fields supported by a research filter.

This will help you categorize the listings on your site and help your users type in the type of residence they are looking for.


The Apex IDX plugin has a high-quality IDX method designed for your real estate brokerage needs. The plugin is complete with features that promise to find you the leads you need to locate the right customer.

Help your clients find their dream home with a hassle-free home search website with an advanced search element. They can search for attributes that match their users’ preferred rate position, location, home style, and alluring residence features.

The plugin also contains a beautifully built and modern user interface that is in good shape for easy navigation. It is packed with a sizable set of customization features that allow you to design and add personal touches to your Best Single Property Websites.

You set the tone and theme by building your dedicated real estate WordPress website with the Apex IDX plugin.