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A few years ago it seemed like every agency would create an individual real estate website for their listings. While they are less common these days, you have a dizzying array of tools to create them. To make your life a little easier, we’ve created this guide to real estate websites specifically for 2022. We share an app that helps you create one quickly and easily, website design tips, and our last two cents on whether it’s still worth it. with hard earned time and money.

What is an individual real estate website?
Individual real estate websites are exactly what they sound like: websites dedicated to one listing, and one listing only. Individual real estate websites tend to have great listing photos, video walkthroughs, Matterport tours, or anything else that doesn’t fit your MLS or Zillow. They can be a great way to impress a homeowner or to highlight a unique luxury or historic property. Here are the best single property website builders that we think are well worth your time and money.


About Rela: Rela offers beautiful single property website templates that are perfect for luxury venues and impressive homeowners.

Price: $24 to $99 per month

Best Features: Rela offers listing agents and brokers great features like an easy-to-use site builder, CRM, integrated Facebook ads, lead forms, 3D tours, lead routing, videos, and basic analytics. You can also connect Zoom, Facebook Live, and Google Hangouts to virtual open house sites.

Cons: While we like the beautiful layout on the Rela site, it costs a little more than Listing Unlimited or Cribflyer. If you really want to impress your homeowner or need a pearl in the marketing part of your offer presentation, Rela is a great choice. Willing also has a lot of benefits, we’re just not sure that most agents will actually use it.

Unlimited Ads

About Listings Unlimited: While their templates are not as good as Rela, Listings Unlimited has a lot to offer agents and brokers.

Cost: $24.95 per month for 1 to 25 listings and 89 cents per listing thereafter

Best Features: You get 25 websites, video maker, 3D tour, YouTube syndication, QR code generator, feedback tool, social media tool, flyer maker and CRM.

Cons: While the Listing Unlimited templates are great, let’s just say they won’t win any design awards. Price is also a barrier for sole agents who only want a website or two. You pay $24.95 per month even if you only need one website.

Unlimited list of sample websites: Unlimited list of templates

crib flyer

About Cribflyer: While they only have three templates to choose from, they look great and Cribflyer has some decent features for agents and brokers. It’s also the most affordable for people who only need one website at a time.

Cost: $1.25 per site per month (bulk); $7 per page, per month (single page)

Best Features: Cribflyer gives you 3D tours, printable flyers, SMS text codes, lead routing, pixel tracking and social media tools.

Cons: The Cribflyer site doesn’t look as good as Rela’s and doesn’t have the benefits of the Unlimited Listing site.