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How to create a FB business page and share posts from your FB business page onto your personal FB page.

Greetings, this is Mark Weithorn here, your real estate trainer, with your 2-minute tech tip.

Today we are going to talk about how to create a Facebook business page and how to share posts to your personal page.

Creating a business page is simple.

Login to your personal Facebook page.

Go to the left and click on Pages. Then click on Create New Page.

This will bring you to the setup page.

First create a title. Use something like your name and then real estate. These are good keywords. Do not put the name of your brokerage in the title because if you switch brokers, it is difficult to change the title.

Next, under category Type in and select Real Estate Agent. In the description field add a few sentences about yourself.

The large image on the right is a scenery photo. We typically put a screen shot of the Realtor’s web site. The smaller image is your photo. Make sure you have a good photo of yourself. Very important.

That’s it, now your business page is set up. Now let’s talk about sharing from your business page to your personal page.

The reason for doing this is to get people to like and follow your business page.

Just click on the icon on the top right and switch identities from your business to your personal.

Then on the bottom right click on Share and share to your newsfeed.

Well I hope that this video has taught you something.

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Thanks for listening to my 2-minute tech tip and have a great day.